Tangentyere Aged & Community Services (TACS)


Our Tangentyere Aged and Community Services (TACS) team provides an extensive range of services with high levels of complexity to frail aged people, people with disabilities and their families on the Town Camps. We provide a range of responses to meet cultural, social, medical, bureaucratic and whole-of-life requirements (including housing, health, employment, training, recreation and the law) that ensure inclusive outcomes for senior Town Campers and provide substantive support for family, friends and networks.


Tangentyere Aged and Community Services has been operating since 1979, and was previously known as Tangentyere “Old People’s Service’, and prior to that as the “Homemakers Service”. This year, the service name was changed to reflect our work supporting younger people with disabilities. In addition, the inclusion of “Community Services” in the name better represents the broader range of work that the team undertakes.


The team provides services to 60 clients, nine of whom received Community Aged Care Packages (CACP). We provide personal care services to 17 people, seven days per week, and to 12 other people each week. We deliver 50 meals-on-wheels per day, five days per week, deliver food boxes to 25 people twice a week, and deliver wood for cooking and heating. We also assist clients with laundry, banking, shopping, cleaning and transport to and from appointments.

Together with the Tangentyere Housing and Environmental Health Department, we provide a broad and responsive service, including providing assessment and installation of home modifications that provide increased independence and safety for people with decreased mobility.

At any one time, 50 people are usually on our waiting list for services.


The team has strong partnerships with the Frail Aged And Disabled (FAAD) team at Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and the Aged Care Assessment Team. The evidence gathered through this partnership identified the significant need in the town camps for additional Community Aged Care Packages (CACPs). This led to a successful bid for an additional three CACPs being made available. Partnerships are also active with Frontier Services Carer Respite Centre, Western Desert Dialysis Service, the Hospital and Rehabilitation Unit.

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