Selection Process

The Tangentyere Council Collective Agreement 2006 – 2009 outlines the terms and conditions of employment within the Council.

Tangentyere Recruitment Policy

The Tangentyere Collective Agreement states: “The Council, as an Aboriginal organisation, will take all reasonable steps to ensure that, over time, through recruitment and selection procedures and with proper training processes in place, positions requiring an understanding of Aboriginal cultures and issues and a proven ability to communicate with Aboriginal people, are filled by Aboriginal people.”

Employment Selection Processes

Through its policies, Tangentyere aims to employ the most suitable applicants for all positions through open, fair, transparent and rigorous selection processes.

Advertised vacant positions will be filled following an interview involving

  • a panel of three members including Manager/Coordinator, and at least one Indigenous person (can be a staff member or member of the Tangentyere Executive Council),
  • a satisfactory reference report and a
  • recommendation to the Executive Director.

All applicants to Tangentyere positions must provide three referees, of whom at least two should be familiar with, and able to detail recent work performance and history of the applicant.

Once a selection panel has chosen their preferred applicant, relevant referees will be contacted by a selected member of the panel.

The interview panel will provide a written report of the interview process, and a summary of the reference checks, in the form of a Recommendation to Employ to the Tangentyere Executive Director.