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The Emergency Relief, Vulnerable Groups and Tangentyere Card Service (ER and ID Card Service) succeeded the Indigenous Case Management Service (ICMS) which was discontinued at the end of the 2012/13 financial year after 6 years of operation (it had commenced during the 2007/2008 financial year). The ICMS met the same fate as similar services in Darwin, Palmerston and Katherine which were either discontinued or restructured as a consequence of the altered funding priorities associated with the new Northern Territory Government (elected during 2012).

The scope of the ER and ID Card Service is limited due to funding constraints. This service receives some operational money from FaHCSIA for the employment of an Advocacy and Support Worker and brokerage money to support people in financial crisis; and the ID Service receives sufficient income from the sale of Tangentyere Proof of Identity Cards to employ a Referral Officer and to cover the cost of consumables to operate this aspect of the service.


The ER and ID Card Service can provide support to people who are:

  • Sleeping Rough
  • Homeless
  • 'At Risk' of Homelessness
  • Escaping Violence
  • Remote Community Visitors
  • Released Prisoners

The ER and ID Card Service can provide the following categories of support:

  • Proof of Identity Card
  • Emergency Relief
  • Case Management
  • Referrals

Tangentyere ID Card

The Tangentyere Card is photo ID which is accepted by banks and service providers.

Tangentyere ID Card

To obtain a Tangentyere Card a client must be able to provide at least 1 document from column 1 and 1 document from column 2:

Identity Verification
Column 1 Column 2
Birth Certificate
Birth Extract
Health Care Card
Medicare Card
Pension Card
Centrelink Income Statement
Drivers License
18+ Card
Proof of Identity Reference

What if a client cannot provide a birth certificate?

Where a client cannot provide a ‘birth certificate’ the ICMS can apply on behalf of the client to Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). The ICMS cannot issue a Tangentyere Card without a ‘birth extract’ or ‘birth certificate’.
NT ‘birth certificate’ applications take 1-3 days; interstate applications take 3- 4 weeks.

What is required to make an application for a Tangentyere Card?

The minimum requirements are as follows:
  • 2 forms of Identity Verification
  • Client Details
  • $20 (1st Card)

Please note the following costs:

Payment Type Cost
First Issue
Replacement (lost card)
Annual Renewal

Service Providers

In the interest of efficiency it is recommended that referring organisations provide assistance to clients to complete the following forms (attached to website) prior to attending the Tangentyere ER and ID Card Service:

Client Identity Database Form
Proof of Referral Authorisation Form
Proof of Identity Reference Form (only when client has no other ID)

Interstate Birth Certificates

For information about Interstate Birth Certificates please visit the following websites:
South Australia
Western Australia
New South Wales

  1. Justice of the Peace, Lawyer, Commissioner for Declarations, Notary Public and Court House
  2. Authenticated by the Police

Emergency Relief (ER)

The ER and ID Card Service can assist clients facing financial hardship through provision of Emergency Relief (limits apply). The types of financial assistance are as follows:

  • Food Vouchers
  • Accommodation
  • Funeral Travel
  • Blankets (1 per person)
  • Utility Bills
  • Rent Arrears

ER is by appointment only. Clients are only eligible to apply for food vouchers once every 6 weeks and other financial assistance once every 6 months. Eligibility is subject to assessment and participation of potential clients in a case management process.

Requirements for ER:

Income Statement or Pay Slip
Bank Statement or ATM Receipt
Relevant Tax Invoice or Bill
Eligibility Assessment

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