Office of the Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director comprises the Executive Director, Senior Executive Officer (Deputy Director), Executive Assistant, Policy Officer and the Information Technology Coordinator.

The Office of Executive Director (OED) provides the overall leadership to the operational management and strategic direction of Tangentyere Council in partnership with the Executive Council and its senior management group. OED works in consultation with Town Campers, funding bodies and partner agencies, to create the right conditions to achieve the coordinated delivery of services and programs which are culturally appropriate, accessible, and of the type and quality required by members.

The unit provides high level secretariat support and advice to its governing body, the Executive Council, including advice related to strategic directions, program performance and compliance with statutory and legislative requirements.

Executive Director

The Executive Director reports directly to the Executive Council. As head of Tangentyere Council the Executive Director represents the Council on a number of external committees and provides leadership in the strategic direction of the overall functions of the Council and its roles and relationships in the wider community.

Senior Executive Officer

The Senior Executive Officer reports to the Executive Director and through that position to the Executive Council. This position undertakes much of the internal management of the organisation. The Senior Executive Officer facilitates the ongoing development, implementation and monitoring of programs and services through on going liaison with each Divisional and Enterprise Manager. The Senior Executive Officer has responsibility for ensuring the organisation has appropriate staffing, policies, practices and procedures and that management improvement plans are initiated for underperforming programs and services.

Policy Officer

The Policy Officer provides support to each program area particularly in relation to the submission of funding applications to a variety of funding agencies. The Policy Officer provides support to the Director in the development of speeches, discussion paper responses, annual reports and other special projects delegated by the Executive Director.

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